Check back regularly as dates and times are subject to change.

Falconry - 10:30am: Lori Pritchard is a Master Falconer, having trained and flown hawks, falcons, and owls for nearly 20 years. As the need grew for sustainable and green ways to control wildlife without pesticides and other harmful methods, falconry-based bird abatement - using birds of prey to scare off nuisance birds - has grown. She is a wildlife control operator for On The Wing Falconry Service in Redondo Beach and started her own abatement service, HawkEye Predators. She'll give us a chance to get up close and personal to raptors used to control the population of gulls and pigeons at Redondo Beach Pier and King Harbor.

Responsible Bird Ownership - 10:30am: The South Bay Bird Society is dedicated to educating bird owners and potential owners of the proper way to care for pet birds. The Society's President, Janet Ragonesi, and a fellow member will explain the joys and challenges associated with owning a bird and what it takes to keep a bird physically and emotionally healthy. They will be joined by a few of their parrot ambassadors to give us a special up-close look at these beautiful and intelligent birds. 


Seabirds in Crisis - 10:30am: Every year thousands of sea and shorebirds are found injured, emaciated or oiled. The lucky ones are brought to the team at International Bird Rescue where they are rehabilitated and released back into the wild. For close to 50 years IBR has been treating injured birds and researching ways to decrease our impact on these birds and their habitat, "merging science and compassion." A team member from the San Pedro Crisis Response Hospital will be in store to talk to us about the work they do, focusing on our local pelican population.