All Wild Birds Unlimited suet products are year-around foods. They are a high energy food source for birds, especially in the colder months. When it rains or is very cold, birds burn calories to stay warm, and these products help provide those calories. In the spring and summer, they become a supplemental protein source for parent birds to feed their young. When introducing new foods to wild birds, you need something to attract the birds to the new food, a reason to go to the new food, and patience.

Birds are very strong creatures of habit. If the feeder they are used to is always full, why try something new? When introducing suet products, we recommend the following steps, mixed with a good dose of patience!

  • Unwrap the suet dough cylinder or cake.
  • Push black oil sunflower seeds into one surface of the cake or randomly around the cylinder (the “something” to attract them).
  • Hang the product near your existing feeder (within 1’-2’).
  • When you see a bird or two explore the new food or cage, let the existing feeder go empty, and leave it empty for 24 hours or so (the reason to go to the new food). The purpose of the black oil sunflower is to attract the birds, and the empty feeder will cause them to look for another food source.
  • After 24 hours, refill your feeders (keeps the birds in the yard), and then let it go empty again for 24 hours. Repeat this process until the birds are eating the new suet products.

It typically takes several rounds of letting the seed feeders go empty, so be patient and repeat the cycle until the birds start eating the suet products.